Sunny Industrial Brushware

Strip Brushes

Strip Brushes

Strip Brush - Red

Strip brushes can be made in an 8, 12 or 14mm width. They can be manufactured in straight lengths to any length that you require.

Spiral Wound Strip brushes can be supplied onto a refillable core, or a shaft, or can be supplied loose for fitting to an existing shaft.

A typical application is a screw Auger brush for the wine industry. This is supplied loose and fitted to the crushing auger for the removal of grape skins and seeds.

Strip Brushes also can be formed internally to cover such applications as bottle or tube cleaning or wherever surfaces are required to be cleaned in one pass.

Strip Brushes
Strip Brush - Black
Red Strip Brush - Close up

Sunny Industrial Brushware can manufacture up to 3 meter long brooms in one piece!

3M Strip - One Piece

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